Tina Schivatcheva: The Great Leap Westward – China and the Land grabs in Ukraine and Bulgaria

The recent global rise of food prices has predicated the explosion of land-grab practices at a global geo-economic scale.  In Eastern Europe, although the post-socialist ‘great transformation’ entailed the commodification of the land, unsettled land ownership and undeveloped land market offered, at best, only a short-lived and tenuous protection from land-grabs.  The global financial crisis impacted particularly strongly the resource-dependent, export-oriented economies of Bulgaria and Ukraine. More

Mirjam Büdenbender: First Abstract

The Real Estate/Financial Complex in Russia

As the 2007 global financial crisis clearly showed, the dimensions of real estate and finance are closely intertwined. Furthermore, this real estate-finance interaction unfolds differentially across spaces. Yet, to this date these two aspects remain under-researched and under-theorized.

This paper seeks to remedy these shortcomings by mapping the ‘Real Estate/Financial Complex’ in Russia. Weiterlesen

Workshop Organizers: First Thoughts on our 2014 Project

 I.              On our history

                  a)    On content

Our first EU experts’ discussion has taken place in December 2011. It had the ironic title “Crisis, Crisis, Euro Crisis” and helped to overcome a thinking in terms of “nation states” vs. the “European Union”, making clear that we have to deal with different, socially heterogeneous member states and the “European Union” made up by them. More