Workshop organizers: Some Recommendations

The journal transform! has published a lot of articles, analyzing the situation in the so called peripheral regions of the EU:

Can PIGS Fly? By Haris Golemis

Greek Wage Earners in the Crisis. By Petros Linardos-Rulmond

The Peculiarities of the Greek Crisis: Democracy, Protest and Contention in Syntagma Square. By Giorgos Tsiridis

May 15 and the Spanish Revolution. By Armando Fernández Steinko

The Crisis of Europe: Elements of a Political Strategy. By Francisco Louçã

Austerity Policy in Hungary. By Tamás Morva

The “Hard Core” of European Integration. By Lutz Brangsch

The Greek Left in the 2012 Elections: The Return to the Class Vote. By Christoforos Vernardakis

The Struggle Against the Memoranda. By Francisco Louçã

Spain – The Left and the Crisis of the Regime. By Adoración Guamán , Jaime Aja

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