Judith Dellheim: “Peripherisation”?

Rosa Luxemburg clearly demonstrates how political economy can readily be turned into a tool to strengthen people’s struggles for emancipation and how solidarity can reveal opportunities for action. Luxemburg saw herself as a global, socialist citizen in the sense that she expressed solidarity with people who were exploited and oppressed by those in power, regardless of their nationality or citizenship. Her goal was to understand and explain how exploitation takes place, how it is constantly renewed, and the consequences exploitation has at the individual, family and community level. Weiterlesen

Peter Gowan: Economics and Politics within the Capitalist Core and the Debate on the New Imperialism.

In the lively new debate on what has come to be called the New Imperialism one focal point is the extent to which there are structural sources of conflict between the main centres in the capitalist core and if there are, whether these currently take the form of inter-state rivalry. Perhaps the two strongest poles in this debate amongst authors with a connection to Marxism are Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin on one side and Giovanni Arrighi on the other. More