Frieder Otto Wolf: Reflection on the Case Studies

1. What do I want (and not necessarily expect) from case studies?

They should help us to become aware of complexity and even excess – where reality goes beyond the effects of over-determined structures, showing us, how a specified, singular society evolves under the impact of strategic interventions (of neo-liberal policies which follow a general pattern, while varying it). In these cases, the case studies should exhibit, how the singular societies of Eastern Europe have evolved under More

Mirjam Büdenbender: First Abstract

The Real Estate/Financial Complex in Russia

As the 2007 global financial crisis clearly showed, the dimensions of real estate and finance are closely intertwined. Furthermore, this real estate-finance interaction unfolds differentially across spaces. Yet, to this date these two aspects remain under-researched and under-theorized.

This paper seeks to remedy these shortcomings by mapping the ‚Real Estate/Financial Complex‘ in Russia. Weiterlesen